About us


We live in a society which is increasingly more aware of healthy beauty, one which looks after the environment and ensures sustainable development. Therefore, at Keiken UMI, we contribute to creating a new paradigm in the world of sustainable, organic cosmetics, supporting healthy beauty, free of toxic substances which respects the ecosystem and the original beauty of your skin and your hair.


Our Laboratories have been committed to the research and development of organic cosmetics for more than ten years and they have now developed the Keiken Umi concept which, translated to Japanese, means marine experience. We work with a system, at the forefront of organic cosmetics, which uses exclusive, artisanal technology in the composition of all its products. The key ingredient is Seaweed which has been collected from authorized areas of ecological and sustainable cultivation, in such a way as to harness the infinite potential of the marine environment.


A base of Algae is the essence of our cosmetics and, in turn, is the main ingredient in our products, an active component and an excellent conductor due to its great affinity with our blood plasma and our skin.

This extract of Algae, with optimum, low levels of iodine, contains all the minerals and trace elements in an organic salt solution which can be easily absorbed by cells.

In turn, it is an excellent conductor to provide cells with all the botanical substances that it has to offer, specially chosen to ensure the effectiveness of each product and recover your original beauty.

Aloe Vera, Argan, Rosehip and Jojoba Oil, among others, are some of the components used in our formulas because of their excellent benefits and properties and all with ecological certification.