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Silicones are polymers which are mostly made of silicon, composed of very small molecules which are chemically bonded together. These heavy compounds (many of them toxic) have a great power of adhesion and accumulate on the hair and scalp. They are not water soluble which means they need powerful and aggressive surfactants in shampoo to eliminate them.

These surfactants are the most commonly used Sulphates due to their powerful cleaning properties and their low cost, usually including ammonium lauryl sulphate (ASL) or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) among others and are present in almost all shampoos on the market.

PEGs are the latest generation silicones which are polymers derived from oil and are water soluble, less heavy and easier to remove from the hair and scalp thus leaving the skin more permeable and receptive to other compounds.




Silicones create a superficial layer on the hair, giving the impression of healthy, silky hair but with a completely artificial shine. This accumulation of synthetic layers suffocates the skin and hair, thus causing it to lose its correct moisture levels which are essential for proper hydration. The pores of the skin are obstructed thus upsetting the function of perspiring that is vital for the natural regeneration of cells.



Sulphates completely eliminate natural fat from both the scalp and hair fibre, causing dryness, irritation, allergies and fragile hair due to a lack of nutrients and also to increased fat production which tries to compensate for this loss.



These petroleum-derived silicones are less heavy for the skin and allow it to breathe better but they are more harmful internally since they penetrate the skin more easily and introduce harmful and unhealthy components into our body.





The first step to change is to be aware that, in most cases, our hair and scalp is covered by silicones, so we need to go through a detoxification phase. However, it is essential not to go back to using cosmetics with these types of ingredients, otherwise we will always find ourselves in the first phase and we will not achieve any visible results. It is also necessary to ensure that any other products that we use, such as serums, creams or styling products, are free from these types of silicones too.


PHASE 1: When removing the silicones that cover the hair fibre, we will notice that our hair is coarse, often dehydrated and frizzy – this is the actual present state of our hair caused by not providing it with the silicones on which it previously depended. The cleaning of the pores of our scalp will begin to regulate the proper function of the sebaceous gland and the hair follicles. By eliminating sulphates, a natural fat will be generated that will protect the skin and hair, improving and avoiding further irritation, redness, allergies and protecting it from external aggressions such as pollution and abrupt temperature changes.

PHASE 2: After two to three weeks using organic cosmetics and not adding silicones and sulphates to your hair, you will notice that it is much healthier, much brighter, more manageable and has a lighter feel since it is no longer clogged with silicones.
These are the first benefits of organic cosmetics.

PHASE 3: After several months, your hair will have recovered all its original mechanisms. You will have natural, healthy, stronger looking hair with added shine. Besides, coloured hair will maintain its pigmentation for longer and the hair will stay cleaner for much longer.